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We perform powder coating of aluminum, zinc-coated and steel elements, among others of profiles, fencing, gates, wickets, posts, rims, and other objects all over Poland, among others in places like Kraków, Katowice, Bielsko Biała or Żywiec. Powder coating performed by our company takes places after previous sandblasting and shot-blasting of the elements. Performing these activities is necessary before the coating.


High performance of our production lines, flexibility, comprehensiveness, and very effective organization of work enables us fast completion of both smaller orders and large contracts. The activity of our powder coating shop is based on excellent knowledge of the industry, achieved through work in the international environment. We attach a lot of importance to maintaining a high level of knowledge throughout the company.

We set to ourselves high quality standards of powder coating services, owing to that we gain trust which is the basis for long-term relationship with customers. Planned inspections conducted based on documented programmes and inspection reports on each order from a customer guarantee very high quality of the works performed. For Alugrip each order is equally important, owing to which our customers are sure that we provide them with coating services on the highest possible level. We keep investing in the improvements in production and administration in order to match them to individual customer needs.

It is our concern to make the course of orders efficient and immediate. We are open to any arrangement concerning less standard orders for powder coating. A lot of experience enables us to enter into the situation of a customer who talks directly to responsible decision-makers. Owing to that, we are sure that our customers know that their needs are the most important.

Alugrip is a modern, rapidly developing and successful company which perfectly understands the needs of its customers and eagerly meets them. Quality, punctuality, reliability, effectiveness, very good organization of work on all organizational levels, very high efficiency of the staff - these are assets which are the base of "ALUGRIP''.

We are proud to say that we are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

The foundation of our activity is powder coating we perform even for most demanding elements.

Cleaning the Material

Depending on the needs, we perform: chemical cleaning - phosphate conversion coating mechanical cleaning - shot-blasting.

Powder coating

The effect of our coating is a perfectly smooth surface, without cracks, damp patches or folds.

Available paints

We fulfil the requests of every customer: • colours from the full RAL colour chart antique and metallised paints • special purpose paints


  • Highest quality services
  • Short execution times
  • Securing goods for transport
  • Services for EU recipients
  • Ovens with the following dimensions: 8.5 x 2.0 x 1.6 m and 6.20 x 2.10 x 1.70
  • Shot-blasting booth
  • 5-zone washing station
  • We work on renowned Wagner products
  • Certified paints of world producers (Qualitcoat Certificate)
  • Advanced logistic network enabling us the acceptance of raw materials and delivery of painted materials to all customers all over Poland and in Europe.


Metal shot-blasting is a necessary stage in preparing its surface for powder coating. Shot-blasting technique enables to obtain adequate roughness increasing the adhesion properties of the paint or metallic coating. The method is also more effective and faster than conventional sandpaper fine grinding.

Shot-blasting effectively removes: steel rolling residues, so-called mill scale, ionic impurities contributing to underfilm corrosion - salts, nitrates, sulphurs, old paint coatings, dusts and rust.

We offer to you extremely precise shot-blasting with abrasive blasting method which can be used for: steel structures, aluminum and steel rims, steel parts of vehicles and machines, sheet metal and steel profiles of more than 1.5 mm of thickness.

We also have a shot-blasting and sandblasting booth with the following dimensions: 10m x 5.6m height 2.5m, which enables us to work on even very large surfaces.


Specialisation which powder coating is, has become the highest priority of our company. Alugrip meets its customers' expectations guaranteeing a high quality of services. We perform powder coating in Małopolska and Silesia. We have state-of-the-art equipment and space necessary for coating materials of non-standard dimensions. Aluminum, zinc-coated and steel elements are our preferences on which we put a lot of pressure during each performance of an entrusted task. Our paint shop has experienced staff. E perform powder coating of such elements as: advertising structures, fencing, gates, railings, steel doors, benches, stairs, agricultural equipment. Moreover, we guarantee satisfactory effects brought by coating aluminum rims. The powder coating method is a perfect chemical process owing to which all stages of the service provision are characterized by the highest quality. All details are cleaned and subject to phosphate conversion coating before painting.

We apply paints chosen by the customer from the full RAL colour chart; antique and metallised paints, as well as special purpose paints. Many years' experience has enabled us to perfectly adjust to the conditions on the market. Short execution times, high quality and competitive price are our biggest assets.

We would like to invite all residents of Małopolska and Silesia to cooperate with our Alugrip powder coating shop.

Advantages of powder coating

Powder coating is the most effective and most durable method of coating metals. It consists in applying paint in the form of powder to the pre-cleaned aluminum with the method of electrostatic or electrokinetic spraying method. Coated elements are placed in the oven in which the coating melting and curing takes place.
Contrary to traditional coatings, powder coatings provide smooth surfaces with high resistance to chemical and mechanical agents. Thanks to that, coated aluminum surfaces are much more resistant to abrasion than in the case of the application of a solvent-based paint. Powder coating is also more ecological than the traditional one. Powder coatings are fully safe for the environment, and no harmful solvents are used in the painting process. .

quality of performance

short execution time

individual execution

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The head office of our firm and the powder coating shop are located in Bielany. We have been providing powder coating services for many years. Today we cooperate with customers from these places, among others: Kraków, Katowice, Bielsko Biała, Tychy, Żywiec, Oświęcim, Chrzanów, Andrychów, Wadowice, Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Sucha Beskidzka, Brzeszcze, Pszczyna and many others. We are looking forward to doing business with you.

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