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Gabions have become a product which is sought-after and applied on the Polish market, they win fans and have an opinion of a modern and natural style. They shock those who see them for the first time but the social awareness and the very name of the product have been rapidly growing recently. The reason of the good impression is also the fact that they are created from natural materials, they give a modern and at the same original appearance to the environment and emit good energy.

Gabion structures give a modern style and a variety to the architecture using natural elements of the landscape. The combination of metal structures with stone, wood, glass and other materials create an incomparably simple and at the same time expressive scenery, as each of us can create in their garden.

Alugrip Gabion Offer


Gabions give almost infinite arrangement possibilities. They are relatively easy to assemble, they do not need later maintenance, they are durable and look very elegant. Few people know that they are an effective acoustic barrier and can be executed in any size. Our gabions look beautiful when they are subtly lit up - they look noble and elegant.

These are not only gabion fencing. They can be successfully used in so-called small garden architecture to create climatic nooks, benches, tables, flower beds, stairs or walls... The combination of our gabions with wood or metal, as well as skilfully arranged green will create a unique climate on your premises.


Original and natural looks is one of the main advantages of gabion fencing. Creating a good design is a guarantee of obtaining a good final effect. Owing to them the whole arrangement of the real estate gains additional aesthetic value.

However, we should not forget other advantages of these structures - their durability and ability to reduce noise. They are ecological solutions, which also do not require special maintenance. They do not threaten people, animals or the environment.

Wherever they are erected, they are eye-catching, becoming an important element of architecture. They excellently fit the appearance of the real estate and match the buildings in different styles. This is a really attractive and functional solution.


Gabion baskets are a excellent choice both for home and business use. They offer an easy way of building a firm wall which protects against wind, snow. Made of stainless and waterproof steel, the baskets are very stable and durable for years. Mesh net is built of slanting and longitudinal wires welded on each intersection, of 4 mm in diameter, thanks to which the whole structure is strong and durable. The baskets can be filled in with stones or gravel, thus building fast and ready structure. The set of many different models will help us build the wall, placing it one by one or one on another.

The system will prove perfectly in landscaping and will attract attention wherever you place it


Gabion facades are characterized by aesthetic and attention grabbing external appearance. Individual elements can be mounted on any height. By joining a gabion structure to the building walls we can achieve an original effect of the building finishing. Moreover, gabion facades can be also used as wall bases and supporting structures of the walls.

Gabion facades are also a beautiful addition or a variety of commercial building facades. The use of gabions makes our building look unique and is a kind of a showpiece of the firm.

To fill it in stones, gravel or gneiss are used most often. However, nothing prevents from filling gabion baskets in with glass or other decorative elements. Arrangement possibilities are almost unlimited and to a large extent they depend on your expectations. Owing to that, gabion facades are a splendid alternative to brick, plaster or cement facades available on the market.


Extremely flexible coating

The wire coating consists of extremely uniform and flexible structure of zinc and aluminum. Zinc and aluminum alloy is much more durable and resistant to bending than zinc alone. Thus, the wire with ZnAl coating is more flexible than zinc-coated wire. The protective surface layer of ZnAl alloy wire provides very good adherence to the base material, therefore, it is suitable to all products requiring extreme bending.

Perfect corrosion resistance

Steel wires of the comparable thickness of ZnAl and zinc coating were the subject of numerous research into the speed of the occurrence of corrosion. The loss of weight during tests with ZnAl was approximately two or three times lower than the loss of weight of the zinc-coated wire.

The external exposure of various gabion fences, walls, small architecture to the sun in various environments reflects excellent results. ZnAl alloy wire provides better cathode protection in the case of mechanical damage of the steel wire often caused without aware interference. Contrary to zinc coating, the surface layer remains relatively smooth, even in the case of long-term exposure to corrosion. The above fact along with the matt appearance of the wire with ZnAl coating is a visible sign of improved protection.

Perfect protection in the welds

It has been proven that the welded net made of zinc-coated wire has very limited corrosion protection in the places of welds. Welded net made of wire with ZnAl coating is the opposite - it provides corrosion protection also in the places of welds.

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If you search for non-standard solutions to decorate your garden and expect a reliable Polish provider - you have just found. Alugrip bets on customer satisfaction and contentment.

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